What is Medical Grade Foam?

Medical Foam

What is medical foam, and which one should you choose?

If you are selecting the perfect custom case for your medical device, choosing the right interior is crucial. Whenever temperature or pressure sensitive medical equipment, calibrated devices, or electronic equipment are transported in a custom case, it’s important that they don’t slide around or get damaged during transit. Medical grade foam is the best way to ensure that the lives that depend on your medical equipment will benefit from it.

What Type of Medical Grade Foam Should You Choose?

Unfortunately, medical grade foam is not a standardized designation, so a simple internet search will yield a wide variety of different options that are all very different. As a result, when selecting a medical grade foam interior for your custom medical case, you should pay attention to what the functional aspects are. These functional aspects include:

  • Biocompatibility
  • 510K submissions
  • USP classification
  • FDA master file
  • Fixed formulation

The Most Common Types of Medical Grade Foam

There are three core types of medical grade foam that most medical custom case makers use, polyethylene foams, cross-linked polyethylene foams, and polyurethane foams.


Polyethylene Foams

Polyethylene foams are designed to be incredibly lightweight, very durable, easy to make and mold, and non-abrasive. They are very good at keeping the medical devices inside of your custom case from jostling or becoming damaged and offer great shock absorption capabilities. Even better, polyethylene foams are completely resistant to rot, bacteria, moisture, and chemical damage.


Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foams

These are the highest quality and best choice for medical grade foam. Custom case inserts that are made from cross-linked polyethylene foam are long-lasting and attractive to look at. This type of foam can also be used to offer protection for class A medical devices.


Polyurethane Foams

These foams are medical grade but not always ideal for transporting medical devices. Instead, these are commonly used for moving around types of equipment. They provide good protection and can be purchased at a low cost.

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