Useful Tips for your hair weave care In Winter

How to protect your weave from the cold temperatures this winter

Useful Tips for your hair weave care In the Wintertime

Let’s face it, winter is coming! With cold temperatures come some very cold consequences, ones that include your hair weave becoming dry and brittle. I know the world tells you that cold weather can only affect your natural tresses, but something they leave out is how harmful it can be towards your weave as well. When you enter any dry air, condition expect for your human hair bundles to suffer some major damage. If you really think about it, you a spend all this money to look good and we would hate for it to go to a waste during one season. We want you to know that it is very possible to have your bundles or even your human hair wig lasts you all year when you follow the correct protocol. But, you don’t have to worry. Luckily, we have plenty of tricks and tips to help protect your weave this winter season. So, sit back and enjoy this blog post on the best useful tips for your hair weave care during the wintertime.

Leave-in Conditioner Will is Your Best Friend.

Leave-in Conditioner

So, if you want any chance of surviving the winter with your weave you must invest in quality hair care products. The first and most important product you need in your cabinet is leave-in conditioner. Conditioner has a way of locking in moisture for a long period of time. Some other amazing features is that it can detangle matted hair, as well as making the extensions more manageable to style and control. Even though we are focused on the wintertime leave-in products help against extreme heat conditions. Whether you’re taking a vacation or styling your hair with a flat iron, you will not regret purchasing this product. On top of all these amazing benefits, the one that will keep you around the most is that leave-in conditioner helps add shine and luster to your weave. Say goodbye to dull lifeless hair. This is especially great for those of you who like to dye your weave. Color will stay looking vibrant and rich as long as you use leave-in conditioner sporadically.

Stay away from heat as a styling method.

Stay away from heat

During the wintertime it is very important to stay away from heating tools like curling wands are flat irons. The reason for this precaution is that heat causes your weave to dry out, this mixed with the cold temperatures is just a recipe for disaster. We’re not saying you can’t use heating tools at all but try to lessen your use as much as possible. If you are going to use a flat iron we suggest you look up some safe heat protectants to keep the extensions from breaking off. Luckily there are tons of damage free ways to style your weave without using heat. For example, if you like curling your hair, try using a Bantu knot method or even curling wands. When you add a little bit of leave-in conditioner mixed with curling rods and let dry you will get the prettiest barrel curls as a result. Now, if you’re someone who loves their weave straight try wrapping it at a night with styling foam and Bobby pins. If you have wigs invest in a mannequin head and wrap the hair onto that stand. In the morning when you take out the Bobby pins the result will be rich straight hair with a nice bump to the ends.

Use wide tooth combs or paddle brushes!

wide tooth combs and paddle brushes

The number one way to protect your hair is to once again, buy the correct products and tools. In this case you want to invest in the correct combs and brushes. Fine tooth combs have a knack of snagging or ripping out the hair strands on your extensions. This problem can cause unwanted shedding and split ends, and no one wants thin weave during the wintertime. Paddle brushes also known as “weave brushes” have perfectly spaced out bristles and vents that make brushing through your weave easy and breezy. These tools also help with detangling hair when it’s wet and decreases the amount of shedding over time. Other hair tools to stray away from are hair ties, rubber bands, or scrunches with metal in them, this can also snag on the weave and cause unnecessary hair to fall out. Always choose hair ties that are soft and have amazing stretch, this will help alleviate unwanted tension while protecting your natural edges and you weave.

Buy an Oil treatment

Argan oil

Just like leave-in conditioner using oil treatments are just as important. The key to getting through the wintertime with luscious hair is to maintain its moisture. So, you’ll want to invest in products that will not dry your hair out no matter what weather conditions you enter. Argan oil is the best oil treatment to use for any weave that is damaged or suffering dryness it helps restore color and sheen within minutes. Another reason you want to invest in these treatments is to protect your natural hair as well. It helps stimulate blood flow throughout your scalp as well as helps your natural ends grow. If you’re someone that deals with dandruff or an itchy scalp when you have a sew-in you won’t have to worry about that anymore with the correct oil treatment. Lastly, investing in these products helps decrease fizziness that may occur overtime in your weave. So, after you finish blow drying your hair extensions or come out of any windy climate make sure to add a dime size amount of Argan oil to your palms and spread it evenly throughout your weave.

Blow Dry rather than Air Dry

Blow Dry Hair

I know this may sound a little strange but trust us. You’ll want to blow dry your hair before you leave the house. Walking outside with wet hair can damage your weave more than you think. Cold temperatures mixed with wet hair will only lead to your weave freezing and breaking off at incredibly fast rates. Blow dryers normally come with settings that allow the heat to not be so intense. Remember excessive heat can be just as bad so make sure you are taking everything in moderation. While we are on the subject try your best not to excessively wash your weave either. Over washing your strands will cause it strip away if its shine and moisture. And one thing you don’t want to deal with is dull unappealing hair in the wintertime.

What are you weave care tips for the wintertime?

There you have it, some amazing tips on how to take care of your weave in the wintertime. If you keep all these tricks close by we promise your weave will last you all season long. We want to know if you’ve been struggling with up keeping your extensions. Do you all have any suggestions on taking care of your weave in the wintertime? We want to hear all about it, leave a comment in the section down below.

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