How to Remove / Replace Pella ProLine Sliding Door Mortise Lock

How to Remove / Replace Pella ProLine Sliding Door Mortise Lock

Pella PCS ProLine Mortise Lock Mechanism, Sliding Door

Lock Brand: Adams Rite

Lock Type: Auto Lock, 45° Slot, Radius Face

Service Dates: 1991-1997

Note: The stile has been removed from door for this article. DO NOT try and remove or take apart the 4 sides of door panel from glass.

  1. Remove patio Door handle, two Hex Head Machine screws.
  2. With razor knife score around the plastic cover and gently remove. The aluminum cladding on the door edge will removed by lifting one edge and sliding a flat bar between the wood and cladding. Slide the flat bar from one end to the other and gently pull the one edge of metal from wood to unzip the metal from the wood.
  3. Work your way from one end of door to the other, be careful not to bend or damage the metal. The piece of cladding will be reinstalled and must retain its original shape.
  4. The plastic lock cover can be removed with the metal cladding, if it is painted and you are concerned about breaking it.

  5. After the first edge is unzipped, the 2nd edge will also be done the same way. Working the pry bar under the metal cladding and releasing it from the wood. DO NOT Force or bend the metal.
  6. When cladding is removed there is a wood strip that needs to come off next to access the lock mechanism. Held on with Phillip head screws. When wood strip is removed you will have access to the mortise lock.

  7. Remove the 2 screws holding the lock in place.

  8. Do not lose the 2 plastic support blocks under the lock face plate.

  9. Remove Mortise lock and then remove the faceplate so all that you have is the Adams Rite Mortise lock.
  10. Replace Mortise lock with Steel or Stainless Steel mortise lock as needed for your door.
  11. Reverse process to install lock.

Tools Needed:
Phillips head screw driver
Flat pry bar or ridge putty knife
Possible – replacement screws, if heads are stripped
Razor knife – optional, to remove plastic insert

Replacement Parts:
15073 – Auto Lock, 45° Slot, Radius Face, Steel
15026 – Auto Lock, 45° Slot, Radius Face, Stainless Steel
9014040 – Panel Latch Hole Insert, Plastic (call for info)

Replacement Note:
Replacing this lock is time consuming and requires about 1 hour to complete. Aluminum cladding and wood stop under cladding must be removed. If you damage cladding, there is no replacement available.

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