How to Choose and Install a Door Viewer

How to Choose and Install a Door Viewer

Door Viewer Installation and Choices

Wide Angle Door Viewer

Door viewers and peepholes come in a variety of angles. At All About Doors and Windows, we have door viewers with viewing angles of 160-200 degrees. The wider the angle, the wider the view.

Projection Door Viewer

Large, projection door peephole

Projection and prism door viewers don’t require you to lean all the way into the door to see who is outside. Instead they use optics to project the view onto the inside viewing surface.

Door Viewer for Fire Doors

Some of the door viewers we have at All About Doors and Windows are U.L. Listed. They have glass lens and can be used fire doors.

Door Knocker with Viewer

Some door knockers come with a viewer built-in.

Door Viewer Installation 

  1. 1) Before installation, find a position on the door for your door peephole that is comfortable for your whole family to use.  Between 58 and 62 inches is about right for the average adult.
  2. 2) Drill a hole in the door the diameter specified by the maker of your door viewer.
  3. 3) Insert the sleeve part of the peep hole into the door from the outside of your door.
  4. 4) Screw the other half of the viewer into the sleeve from the inside of the door.

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