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Case integration services from Kingwaych, Inc. will prepare your equipment successfully.

One of the most important uses of custom protective cases is the transportation of sensitive electronics and communications equipment. Many electronics and communications platforms are installed in rack-mounted cases. Rackmount cases usually have a built-in aluminum frame that allows you to install and permanently attach servers, amplifiers, video equipment, and more. Typically, these are all pre-wired, so once installed, you only need to remove the back lid and plug it into your power source or other complementing accessories. Rackmount case integration services from Kingwaych, Inc. provide you with the ready-to-use equipment you need, ready to deploy at the site after traveling safely to its destination. Kingwaych, Inc. offers full integration services for all of your electronic storage solutions. We specialize in all types of electronic installations. Call us today to explore the advantages of case integration services. 

How Rackmount Case Integration Works

The purpose of case integration is to test, mount, and program your equipment in the most logical order within the rackmount case. There are a few key factors to consider when integrating the system, including: 

  • Rack Height: Taller racks are less stable when stacked
  • Load/Weight Capacity: Racks are integrated entirely before use, so it is essential to understand the weight capacity beforehand, so you don’t accidentally create a hazardous, overloaded setup
  • Rackmount Equipment: Which equipment do you want to incorporate? What is essential for your equipment deployment upon arrival? 

Why Use Case Integration Services? 

Rackmount case integration provides you with unbeatable efficiency and convenience. By using case integration services, you would ship your products to Kingwaych, Inc. assembly facility. Upon receipt, the Kingwaych team will do all of the electronics and wiring installation for you. With today’s tough labor market, don’t spend time, effort and money hiring personnel to install and build your systems. Let the team at Kingwaych do that for you! Your systems will arrive to you or the customer fully integrated and ready for deployment and use.  

Protective Packaging From Kingwaych

At Kingwaych, inc., we create the best protective cases for all clients. Your rackmount cases are: 

  • Waterproof: Protecting electronics and communications equipment from water is essential for effective protection and equipment longevity
  • Mil-Spec Certified: Our cases are made to match high-standard military specifications
  • Made For You: Our 3D modeling technology enables us to create cases specific to your needs. 

Our extensive experience and on-site manufacturing facility allow us to meet customer specifications to the letter. The watertight, airtight, and shock-resistant cases protect every part of your electronic or communications equipment and system you require. This way, you can know that you will receive your equipment undamaged and know that each piece of equipment is already integrated to be ready for deployment upon arrival. You can save time and money and uphold your excellent reputation by using rackmount case integration services. 


Kingwaych has assembled a team with over 80 years of experience in design, engineering, development, manufacturing, and sales. We created the Kingwaych Design and Technology Center to create and manufacture complete systems integration packages and container solutions of all sizes and materials for our clientele. Many of these clients are federal agencies or in the private sector. No matter what you need to carry, Kingwaych is sure to have the right case for the job. You can view our website here, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

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