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Shipping Containers

Everything you need to know about shipping containers!

Shipping containers ship things, there is no mystery in that. When a shipping container is loaded with cargo it is placed on a ship and that ship takes them around the world to make sure the goods get to where they need to be. Recently though the cut-and-dry uses for shipping containers are changing and they have been used for a lot of different things that don’t involve shipping goods. Today we will be exploring the weird trends that have come up in the past couple years.

On-The-Go Retail

Taking a page out of the food truck book, it seems as though some retail businesses are purchasing shipping crates to create a tiny facility for shopping or eating in busy environments. Much less expensive than a traditional building, owners can put more effort into the quality of their business rather than a building. Offices may also utilize this cost-effective space to do their work.

Schools Expanding

As schools continue to grow in populations some counties are purchasing shipping containers and placing them in the back of the school. Adding new additions can be incredibly costly for the state and shipping containers are not only cost effective but portable should a new addition be able to be built.

Home in a Shipping Container

Tiny homes are all the rise right now as minimalism sweeps over the country. Many people are seeking the solace of less stuff and distraction and downsizing to small portable homes that give them what they need and take up less space. Shipping containers have been customized for this purpose and some people just redesign the inside and move in and most of them look really great!

Shipping containers are among some of the most versatile packaging solutions and they are sturdy and well built. During transport, they are able to withstand the elements and are moved with relative ease. This makes shipping containers a surprising solution to issues of space and cost when it comes to schools, homes, and businesses.


Kingwaych Incorporated has long been an innovator in the making of custom shipping and carrying containers for the armed forced of the United States and we are frequently contracted with the Department of Defense. We believe as the marketplace continues to change and as we are trusted with more from our government we will continue to put out the highest quality products. Our customer satisfaction is unparalleled and we work to continue offering unique and innovative solutions to all carrying and shipping problems. For more of what we can do specifically for you, contact us online or via phone at 888-774-7557. For packaging tips and tricks follow us on social media: Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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